"We started Mimi because we are passionate about sound and obsessed with overcoming the barriers to better hearing."


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What you need to know about Mimi Hearing Technologies

Mimi’s vision is a world in which everyone can experience sound in its entirety, in its purest form, despite the imperfections of human hearing.

"It is our mission to bring perfect sound  to everyone regardless of device or platform. Our technology is rooted in a deep understanding of how the human ear functions. Our algorithm allows the brain to distinguish frequencies better so we can perceive more clarity, depth, and detail," says Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director of Mimi. Knowledge of hearing science is at the core of our technology. Our goal is to integrate Mimi sound personalization across all major platforms and devices to make it accessible for everyone."

Background information

Mimi is the world leader in personalizing sound for an optimized individualized listening experience. More than 1.2 million people worldwide have already downloaded Mimi's award winning apps: Mimi Hearing Test and Mimi Music. With the Mimi Hearing Test you can easily and intuitively check your own hearing ability. All you need is a smartphone, headphones, and a quiet environment. In the Mimi Music App (Android & iOS) a second breakthrough technology is used which provides individual sound adaptation for optimized music enjoyment. The patent-pending innovation is now being integrated into products and solutions by global brands in the audio industry such as beyerdynamic's award-winning Aventho headphones which have Mimi's sound personalization built-in.

Mimi was founded on a vision for Digital Hearing Health in Berlin in 2014. Our sound personalization technology was developed by a 40-person team of in-house specialists working in close cooperation with Berlin's Charité, one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. Mimi's iOS apps are certified as medical devices (CE) in Europe. Mimi processing boosts the clarity and nuance of music which in turn allows many of our users to reduce the volume. "We know that the best way to protect hearing is to increase people’s awareness of hearing health issues and allow them to take steps to reduce their sound exposure." says Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director of Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH. 

The Mimi Story:
Key facts and milestones

Date of Foundation: 9 January 2014

Employees: 40+

Founder and Managing Director: Dr. Henrik Matthies, Dr. Nick Clark, Pascal Werner, Philipp Skribanowitz

Products: "Mimi Hearing Test" to test your  hearing ability and "Mimi Music" for an individual sound personalization; both apps are certified as medical devices in the EU (CE).

Customers and cooperation partners: numerous licensees, including beyerdynamic and Bragi; more than one million downloads of the hearing test app


2014: finalist Startup Battlefield. TechCrunch Disrupt New York

2014: 2nd place pitch Web Summit, Dublin.

2016: 1st place Midemla competition, "Music Discovery" category

2017: IFA prize for audio innovation, Berlin

2017: StartUps & Developer Award at SF MusicTech Summit

2017: Sonar+D Award for innovation, Barcelona 

2018: CES Innovation Award, Las Vegas


Contact us

If you have any questions about the company please contact us:

Matthias Lumm (Marketing Director) and Tim von Klitzing (Senior Manager Marketing & Communications)
Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH
E-mail: media@mimi.io
Phone: +49 (0)30 54847783

Please feel free to contact the press and ask for further information:

Gunhild Flöter (Account Director) and Manfred Großert (Managing Director)
united communications GmbH
E-mail: mimi@united.de
Phone +49 (0)30 789076-19 or -76