Healthy Hearing Index 2018

Mimi creates a hearing map of the world


To celebrate World Hearing Day 2018 Mimi Hearing Technologies has created “How the World Hears," an index of human hearing capacity around the world. The map is drawn using data collected from the Mimi Hearing Test — the world’s most loved mobile based hearing test which has been downloaded over 1 million times worldwide.

Mimi selected only data sets from fully completed hearing tests and which meet the quality standards of the data collected during the test. We used this data to calculate the deviations in decibels (dB) from the average hearing in each age group in different cities and countries around the world.

The hearing test results visualized on the map below show an international comparison. The US for example has a solid hearing average standing at -0.14 dB, falling just behind Canada where the average is +2.65 dB, and is more or less on par with Mexico's -0.57dB average.

Elsewhere, Germany with a value of +1.31 dB is clearly ahead of Italy (-3.5 dB) and also ahead of India (-12.9 dB) which shows the greatest negative deviations from average global hearing capacity.

But check out the map for yourself, and see how your country compares.