Why Your Hearing Health Matters


You're at a party - pretending to not feel awkward – and the speakers are blaring out monotonous melodies as your ears begin to ache. Rather than leave you repeat the mantra, “if the music's too loud, you're too old” and feign a smile as you pull out your go-to dance move, and why not - the robot is a classic!

We've all suffered the ear-ringing of a night spent too close to the band, DJ, or loudmouth at a party. Generally, we write it off as a rite of passage of our youth, something we all go through, something that can't be helped. After all, who wants to wear ear plugs going out? Well, as we'll see, many do and here's some reasons why you should seriously consider joining them.


Let's Party Like it's 1907

Germany, most notably, had a troubled time adjusting to the noise of industrialization. So in 1907, the philosopher, Theodore Lessing established the first Anti-Noise Society (Antilärmverein). In the same year, Berlin based pharmacist, Max Negwer invented the first ear plug. An ear plug musicians, ravers and festival-goers are still rocking today- with related projects popping up at festivals throughout Europe promoting safe and healthy hearing


What's the Fuss All About?  

Although today's hearing aids are more discrete, effective and less stigmatizing than ever before, prevention is still our biggest asset when it comes to tackling hearing problems down the line. Age related hearing loss is a real problem, with 25% of people aged between 65 and 74 experiencing hearing loss, and a further 50% of over 75 years year olds reporting the same. So the sooner you take action ensuring your ears are in good shape, by taking the free Mimi Hearing Test for example, the less likely you’ll suffer hearing loss later on.

I'm Not A Clubber, So I'm Fine – Right?

Sadly, just living in a city can leave you vulnerable to the plight of presbycusis (age-related-hearing loss). Any sound measured above 80 decibels is considered damaging to your ears. A hoover comes in just under the mark at 70, but alarms and even traffic often exceed safe sound levels. With noisy construction work, bustling streets filled with all manner of music and motors – cities can play havoc on the ears. With this in mind, we developed a worldwide hearing index to let you know how your beloved metropolis holds up when it comes to noise pollution. Check it out to see how your part of the world fares.


Hearing Well v. Hearing Well Enough

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves in conversation? Ever find that you're always adjusting the volume on your MP3 player or TV set? Although you might think you hear “well enough,” with such symptoms, it's very possible you're experiencing hearing loss. Before you throw our your cherished beatbox, and “Banging Beats” CD collection- solemnly relenting to a life of utter silence – there are technological advancements in hearing-aid tech that might suit you better. If you are just beginning to notice hearing loss, it may not be time for a full hearing aid yet – but that doesn't mean you can't hear better.


The only hearing test you'll ever need

The Mimi Hearing Test is the number one hearing app on the market and is available worldwide today. If you're after a personalized sound that is suited to your individual tastes and hearing needs – you can take the aprox. 6 minute test here. Your ears will thank you, not just today but in 20 years from now!

Well, that's a positive note to end on. Let's celebrate with a party, shall we? Just remember when they're plugging the big speakers in, to put your plugs in too.  

serena gorman