How does Mimi work?

People often ask us how Mimi works. Today's infographic illustrates how Mimi utilizes the three core technologies of testing, fitting and processing, to deliver better hearing experiences to people over a range of hearing abilities. There are multiple components to the Mimi effect. On the one hand we have mobile-based hearing tests that people can download anytime, anywhere, to get a medically certified insight into their hearing ability. On the other hand we have a sound-processing algorithm that mimics a healthy human ear and adjusts sounds not by making things louder but actually by processing it like your normal healthy ear would do and making it easier for your brain to extract information from the sound signal.

By testing your hearing, designing your sound around your unique hearing profile, and fitting and processing to your individual hearing capacity, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-sounding, more detail-rich audio experience everywhere, from apps to headphones, smartphones to car playback systems, as well as partner and supported services like Spotify, iTunes and more. 

How Mimi Works.png
serena gorman